About Us


Clara Laines-Welch

Clara Laines-Welch is a seasoned leasing agent with 18 years in the real-estate business. Based in our San Francisco Presidio office, she brings high energy and focus to her client interactions and knows the market inside and out. A member of the National Association of Realtors, the Fair Housing Advocates Association, and the San Francisco Association of Realtors, Clara negotiates the best values for her clients.

Mobile: 415.613.4868

Kristin B. Wilson

Kristin Wilson is a San Francisco native with extensive knowledge of the Bay Area. With 15 years in the real estate business and 7 years in rentals and leasing, she ensures all transactions exceed her clients’ expectations. Based in our San Francisco Presidio office, Kristin is known for her patient, courteous attitude – a quality she developed while working in retail management. She is highly committed to her clients.

Mobile: 415-215-0156


Jan Wagner

Jan Wagner has worked in San Francisco real estate for 32 years and genuinely cares for her clients, who return to her again and again. Based in our Opera Plaza office, Jan has been with the rental team for 15 years and knows the Opera Plaza complex inside out for both sales and rentals. A member of the San Francisco Apartment Association and the San Francisco Association of Realtors, Jan has a reputation for patience and knowledge of the rental market.

Mobile: 415.345.2539

Alan Morcos

With the knowledge gained as a San Francisco resident of more than 20 years and his wealth of experience as a homeowner, landlord and property investor, Alan provides the hands-on expertise needed to guide his clients in the Bay Area real estate market.

Mobile: 415.505.7779


Jean Pral

Jean Pral has worked in Bay Area real estate for more than 25 years and served as a contract negotiator for five San Francisco mayoral administrations. Jean also ran her own brokerage firm before joining Pacific Union. Based in our Mill Valley office, she specializes in unique luxury properties and uses her expert negotiating skills to successfully represent her clients.

Mobile: 415.699.9115